Planet Serif font family

Designed by Mat Planet
Since 1989 Planetco has been the publishing arm of Las Vegas artist Mat Planet. Initially concerned in high-end printing with letterpress, woodcut and hand lettering, it branched into creating and selling its own brand of digital typefaces in 1998. Planetco continues to wallow in its obsession with type and continues to explore the possibilities of that medium.

Planet Serif Bold Italic

Planet Serif

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: PlaneSerAltBolIta, PlaneSerAltBolIta.afm, PlaneSerAltBolIta.bmap, PlaneSerBolIta, PlanetSerif-BoldItalic.afm, PlanetSerif-BoldItalic.bmap
Windows menu name: PlaneSerBlIt, PlaneSerAltBdIt
PostScript name: PlanetSerif-BoldItalic, PlanetSerifAlternate-BoldItalic
PostScript full name: PlanetSerif-BoldItalic, PlanetSerifAlternate-BoldItalic
Catalog number:
US$ 25
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