Superwood font family

Designed by Gabriele Rigamonti
Carla Scorda
Vittorio Turla
Developed from Superbastone and projected to be used with all the weights of Superbastone. The letters appear through overlapping branches.

Superwood Regular

Superwood Regular
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STD supports at least 21 languages.

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224 characters


Catalog number: 16768482


Tag: frac

Function: Replaces figures separated by a slash with 'common' (diagonal) fractions. The user enters 3/4 in a recipe and gets the threequarters fraction.

Discretionary Ligatures

Tag: dlig

Function: Replaces a sequence of glyphs with a single glyph which is preferred for typographic purposes. This feature covers those ligatures which may be used for special effect, at the user's preference. The glyph for ct replaces the sequence of glyphs c t, or U+322E (Kanji ligature for "Friday") replaces the sequence U+91D1 U+66DC U+65E5.

Technical details
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