Linotype Orbit™ font family

Designed by Mauro Carichini in 2002

About Linotype Orbit™ font family

A as part of their overall character design, each of the thin-lined letters in the Linotype Orbit Light typeface sport a dot. This dot is found in a different position on each character, creating the illusion of various celestial bodies traveling about their orbits. If you need a futuristic font to paint on the side of your spaceship, or are looking for a font to fit in any all-around SCI-FI application, this might be it! In a hint towards timelessness, the design of Linotype Orbit's letterforms is geometric, and the font includes old style figures.
Linotype Orbit Light was designed in 2002 by Italian designer Mauro Carichini, and is included in the Take Type 4 collection from Linotype GmbH."
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Font Designer: Mauro Carichini

Linotype Orbit™

Linotype Orbit

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