Linotype Lindy™ font family

Designed by Frank Marciuliano in 1997
Linotype Lindy was designed by Frank Marciuliano and exhibits many of the same characteristics of a similar font by the same artist, Linotype Isilda. Lindy is an outline font in which the inner areas of letters are black and the actual letter forms are white. Lindy is only to be used in larger point sizes, when its legibility is optimized and its unique forms can be fully appreciated.

Linotype Lindy™

Linotype Lindy

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Lindy LT, LindyLT, LindyLT.AFM
Windows menu name:
PostScript name: LindyLT
PostScript full name: Lindy LT
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US$ 35
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