Linotype Automat™ font family

Designed by Frank Marciuliano in 1997
Distinguishing characteristics of Frank Marciulano's Linotype Automat are its strictly constructed basis and its uniquely placed stroke contrasts. The emphasized vertical strokes are reminiscent of bars and give text a static feel. The forms of the letters are distinctly modern, an interpretation of a typeface meant for machines. Automat is not recommended for text but is particularly good for headlines in large point sizes, which allow its unusual forms to really stand out.

Linotype Automat™

Linotype Automat

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Automat LT Alternate, AutomLTAlt, AutomLTAlt.AFM
Windows menu name:
PostScript name: AutomatLT-Alternate
PostScript full name: Automat LT Alternate
Catalog number:
US$ 35
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