Breughel® font family

Designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1981
Adrian Frutiger came up with this unusually purposeful and strong design in 1981 for Linotype. Early humanistic typefaces of the sixteenth century, especially Jenson, served as models for Breughel. The right sides of the stems are vertical and at right angles to the baseline while the left sides of the stem curve into the serifs, making the typeface look as though it slants to the right, and giving it a sense of movement and liveliness. The ductus of the broad-edged pen is reflected in the flow, rhythm, and texture of text set in Breughel, but at the same time this design has a regularity of form that is typographically solid. Breughel is an ideal typeface for the designer with skill and vision. Use it to create innovative publications, posters, and advertisements.

Breughel 66 Bold Italic SC


Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: Breughel LT RegularSC, BreugLTBolItaSC, BreugLTBolItaSC.afm
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PostScript name: BreughelLT-BoldItalicSC
PostScript full name: Breughel LT Bold Italic SC
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US$ 65
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