Linotype Mediterraneo™ font family

Designed by Frank Marciuliano in 1997
Frank Marciuliano designed Mediterraneo in 1997, a sans serif linear roman face. Like in his other fonts, Linotype Isilda for example, the vertical lines are heavily emphasized. The wavy strokes connecting these verticals give the font a lively, light character. The font knows no rules and builds a restless line of text in which the capitals stand out. Mediterraneo is to be used only in larger point sizes.

Linotype Mediterraneo™

Linotype Mediterraneo

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Mediterraneo LT 1, MeditLTOne, MeditLTOne.AFM
Windows menu name:
PostScript name: MediterraneoLT-One
PostScript full name: Mediterraneo LT 1
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US$ 35
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