Super Duty font family

Designed by James Grieshaber
Stencil fonts often evoke rigid and sterile images such as packing crates or military vehicles, but Super Duty is somewhere between serious and fun. Super Duty has been created with sharp mechanical angles which give the letter forms a square-jawed and ready-for-action feel. There are accompanying closed versions for versatility in your design work and also round versions that have the corners knocked off.

Unlike most stencil fonts this one has a lowercase that matches the strength uppercase. The lowercase has been designed with an x-height equivalent to the cap height and barley protruding ascenders so that the user can interchange the upper and lower letterforms for a funky graphic effect.

Super Duty is a robust and versatile stencil font family of 8 fonts – Sharp and Round variations and closed versions in 2 weights each.

Super Duty

Super Duty

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Super Duty Closed Round Heavy.s, SuperDutCloRouHea, SuperDutCloRouHea.afm
Windows menu name: Super Duty Closed Round Heavy
PostScript name: SuperDuty-ClosedRoundHeavy
PostScript full name: SuperDuty-ClosedRoundHeavy
Catalog number: