Cypher 3 font family

Designed by James Grieshaber
Cypher is a techno looking font that attempts to employ the Gestalt principal of closure. It may, at larger sizes look like some sort of code or a bunch of dots and dashes, but when viewed at smaller sizes it falls together into legible words.

This font family was first inspired by an experiment to try to make a legible upper and lower alphabet with the smallest grid possible that would still describe the letterforms. The original conclusion was that it could be done in a 3x6 grid. This made a fun design exercise, but it makes a lousy font. The grid was expanded a bit for aesthetic reasons to a 3x8 grid, But not restricted so severely and so occasionally goes wider than 3 for the certain letterforms. From this a whole family of widths and weights was born, and rather than simply obliquing for italics, a true italic of sorts was created.

Cypher is a versatile family of 24 fonts 4 widths, each with 3 weights and their accompanying italics.

Cypher 3

Cypher 3

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: CypheO3Reg, CypheO3Reg.afm, Cypher O3 Regular.suit
Windows menu name: Cypher 3 Regular
PostScript name: Cypher-O3Regular
PostScript full name: Cypher-O3Regular
Catalog number: