Giambattista font family

Designed by Gert Wiescher
Giambattista is a long-time project of mine finally come to an end. After redesigning all of Giambattista Bodonis work and then some additional cuts I started a long time ago with this Non-Bodoni Bodoni. The idea came to me while redesigning the original Chancellerosa (chancery). I thought Bodoni just didn't have the right approach to a chancery, this was just not his cup of tea! Maybe that is why he never used the Chancellerosa very much for his own printshop in Parma. So I thought someone has to design a script, that looks like Bodoni could have designed it but is more lively than his. Over the years I have been working on and off on the face and it turned out to become three typefaces which can be freely mixed. Here is my modern version of a script in the style of Giambattista, meant as an hommage, I called it Giambattista.

Giambattista One


Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: GiambattistaOne-Script.bmap, GiambOneScr
Windows menu name: GiambattistaOne
PostScript name: GiambattistaOne-Script
PostScript full name: GiambattistaOne-Script
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