Copperplate Classic font family

Designed by Gert Wiescher
Copperplate was the classic nineteenth century engravers typeface, consisting of capitals and small caps only. Among others (for example Deberny & Peignot) F. W. Goudys cut for ATF around 1901 is probably the most widely known.

Copperplate typefaces are traditionally used for business cards and all that serious stuff. My Copperplate Classic is a completely new design, based on some old samples. To make it look more up-to-date and elegant, I gave it some extra swings here and there. The old fonts were all designed with clogging corners or points that can break off in the minds of its designers.

Today we do not have those problems any longer, so I could give my Copperplate Classic real sharp pointed serifs. To give you more choice I now added this light cut in three variations, light, sans and rounded!

Copperplate Classic Sans Light

Copperplate Classic

Technical details
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File name: CoppeClaSanLig, CoppeClaSanLig.bmap
Windows menu name: CopperplateClassicSansLight
PostScript name: CopperplateClassicSansLight
PostScript full name: CopperplateClassicSansLight
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