Sunwind font family

Designed by Gert Wiescher
Sunwind is not really made to write long copy. It is a font for shopsigns and short sentences that need that hot, sunny and windy touch.

And that is how I got around to designing it: I saw some letters on a shopsign in Cannes when driving into town. I shouted at my son Julius: Quick take a picture of that sign, the blue one. Thats what he did, only he used the macro setting, so I had a very small sign but lots of nice background.

Anyway I got the basic idea! Then I made a lot of sketches and this is what came out. I added a smallcaps set and I also made some initials as a rough version, so they look like written with a brush on heavygrain paper.

Sunwind Normal


Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: SunwindNormal.afm, SunwindNormal.bmap, SunwiNor
Windows menu name: SunwindNormal
PostScript name: SunwindNormal
PostScript full name: SunwindNormal
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US$ 40
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