Obsidian font family

Designed by Geoff Andersen
A digital foundry situated in England's rural South-West and established in 2005, Sparklefonts is Geoff Andersen, a man on a quest, from philosophy to aesthetics, from wild inspiration to wild gesticulation, from post-modernism right through to post-rationalisation. Boldly seeking unique and viable letterform architectures, he is equally determined to maintain legibility without compromising style. His journey has taken him through stencils and uncials, calligraphy and typography, through graphic design and guitar design. The story has been moving, the view spectacular, the punctuation superb. Geoff's sources are apparently limitless, his passion overwhelming, his fonts a labor of love, his therapist a Trojan!


Obsidian Black

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: ObsidBla, Obsidian-Black, Obsidian-Black.afm
Windows menu name: Obsidian
PostScript name: Obsidian-Black
PostScript full name: Obsidian-Black
Catalog number: