Brigette font family

Designed by Jeremy Dooley
Brigette is based on the popular insigne script Natalya. The frilly script has been acid dipped, scratched and destroyed for use in grungy design jobs or any other use that calls for a ragged script. Three different degrees of deconstruction are available. The Alternate Two variant is highly distressed, and when rasterised by many programs at smaller point sizes appears almost illegible, but prints just fine. OpenType features include 64 OpenType ligatures that can be used to extend the natural appearance of the lettering, oldstyle figures and ending swashes. Brigette works great in conjunction with insigne Splats!

Brigette Regular


Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: Brigette Regular.ttf
Windows menu name: Brigette
PostScript name: Brigette
PostScript full name: Brigette
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