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They're Sexy DropCapsThey're Saucy DingbatsThey're Lilou's Naughty AND Nice GIRLS!GIRLS!GIRLSYeah, BabyYou wanted the World's Greatest Comic Book Fonts and we gave them to youYou wanted a Free Font and we gave it to youJeff Gilbert of Seattle, WA wanted more naked chicks on our site and we gave them to him!GirlsGirlsGirlsmay make you horny, baby, but it's all done in the Best Possible Taste!

Girls Girls Girls Naughty

Girls Girls Girls

Technical details
Digital data from:
OpenType outline flavour:
CFF - PostScript-Outlines
Technical font names:
File name: CCGirlsGirlsGirlsNice.otf
Windows menu name: CCGirlsGirlsGirlsNaughty
PostScript name: CCGirlsGirlsGirlsNaughty
PostScript full name: CCGirlsGirlsGirlsNaughty
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US$ 19
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