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SPIDER-MANTHE HULKTHE FANTASTIC FOURBATMANSUPERMANSuperstar artist Mike Wieringo has worked with the most well-known characters in comic books, and just a few short years ago Comicraft teamed up with Mike and writer Todd DeZago in the pages of their creator-owned comic book fantasy adventure series, TELLOSAt Mike's request, we created a special Wieringo font which incorporated Mike's distinctive, slick-and-easy, backward-sloping letters, as well as a slightly heavier font -- carrying just a little more ink -- for the Shadow Jumper characters featured in the first TELLOS story arc. Now the Mike Wieringo font can be yours as it joins our ever growing library of Masters of Comic Book Art fonts.

Mike Wieringo Evil

Mike Wieringo

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CFF - PostScript-Outlines
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File name: CCMikeWieringoEvil.otf
Windows menu name: CCMikeWieringoEvil
PostScript name: CCMikeWieringoEvil
PostScript full name: CCMikeWieringoEvil
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