Wall Scrawler font family

Designed by Comicraft Design
This slick, marker style font was created by our fontmeister, Mr Fontastic, based on the slick, marker style of... Well, Mr Fontastic himselfCheck it out in the pages of Marvel's classic DAREDEVIL story GUARDIAN DEVIL. DD scribe and indy movie maker Kevin Smith himself told us it was the coolest font he'd ever seen in his entire lifeNo, sorry, that is a lie, but he did tell us he liked the design work Mr Fontastic created for the JAY & SILENT BOB trades, No, seriously, he did. We wouldn't lie to you. Well, except for that last time. By the way, this font also doubles as a dynamite sound effect font, that's why we're charging you twice as much as usual. No, sorry, lying again. About the price, not the sound effect thing.

Wall Scrawler

Wall Scrawler Regular

Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: CCWallScrawlerRegular.ttf
Windows menu name: CCWallScrawler
PostScript name: CCWallScrawler
PostScript full name: CCWallScrawler
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