Classica font family

Designed by Thierry Puyfoulhoux
Classica: a self-explanatory’s name. Its capital letters find their roots in the Latin inscriptions of the first century, its lower cases in the chancery writings & books of Renaissance. Classica belongs to the Garalde’s family from which the everlasting Garamond, this “Vivaldi’s four seasons” of typography, is the archetype.
As an Add on the Classica - Presence fonts are for typeface lovers only. This wide collection of swashes, ligatures, ampersands & alternates is aimed to go with Classica.Prestige totals 3944 signs, impressive, isn’t it?

Classica Medium Italic Expert


Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: CLASEMI_.TTF
Windows menu name: ClassicaExpertMedium
PostScript name: ClassicaExpertMedium-Italic
PostScript full name: ClassicaExpertMedium Italic
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US$ 49
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