Font Designer – Timothy Donaldson

The British designer Timothy Donaldson created the following fonts: ITC Airstream™ (1995), ITC Angryhog™ (1997), Banshee™, Coriander™, Cult™ (1995), ITC Cyberkugel™ (1997), ITC Digital Woodcuts™ (1995), Etruscan™ (1995), ITC Farmhaus™ (1995), Flight™ (1995), Green™ (1995), ITC Humana™ Serif (1995), ITC Humana™ Sans (1995), ITC Humana™ Script (1995), Immi™, ITC Jellybaby™ (1997), John Handy™ (1995), Klee™ (1992), ITC Musclehead™ (1997), Neo Neo™ (1995), Orange™ (1995), Pink™ (1994), Pneuma™ (1991), Postino™, ITC Riptide™ (1996), Ru’ach™ (1990), Scruff™ (1995), Spooky™ (1995), Talking Drum™ (1999), Telegram™ (1995), Trackpad™ (1995), Twang™ (1995), Ulysses™ (1991).

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