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Fruitygreen: a biologically inspired, very contemporary font with a high recognition factor

Fruitygreen is Indonesian designer Andi AW. Masry’s second typeface following Coomeec.
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DIN 1450 – the German standard on legibility of texts

The new German standard DIN 1450, which will come into force in mid-2013, will not only regulate how text is displayed on public signage systems, but will also set out clear guidelines for the appearance of other forms of text.
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Kimberley Geswein Fonts

When Kimberley Geswein is not busy teaching her two daughters at home, she dedicates her time to her other great passion: calligraphy.
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Brewery No 2: a contemporary, formally elegant typeface that combines features of Grotesque and Antiqua fonts

An entry in the Second Linotype Design Contest, Linotype Brewery, designed by Gustavs Andrejs Grinbergs, became part of the TakeType Collection in 1997.
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Agmena: a perfectly designed, poetic book typeface

Created by Jovica Veljović, the Antiqua typeface Agmena has been designed to be the perfect book font.
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Smile please: Say Cheese!

Behind the original concept for Say Cheese is calligrapher Alan Blackman, who laboured for several years on getting the form of the characters right.
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Classic Grotesque by Rod McDonald: a traditional font with a modern face

An update of Monotype Grotesque that was first published in 1926, Rod McDonald’s Classic Grotesque combines both traditional and contemporary elements of typography.
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Bomparte’s Fonts

The type foundry launched in 2006 offers the typefaces designed by John Bomparte.
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A space-saving calligraphic typeface with a unique flair: Coomeec by Andi AW. Masry

Although Andi AW. Masri designed his Coomeec typeface with one eye on comic books, this is more than just another cartoon font.
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A fresh and original calligraphic design: George Ryan’s Koorkin

George Ryan describes his new design, Koorkin, as “a calligraphic typeface through and through”.
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