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Award-winning business reports 2009 written with fonts from our range


For the 15th time, Manager Magazine looked at the business reports produced by leading public corporations in Germany and Europe. Some 200 reports by enterprises quoted on the Dax, MDax, SDax, TecDax and Stoxx 50, Europe’s blue-chip index, were reviewed. This is the most extensive competition of its kind in Germany, and is also one of the largest worldwide.

One of the competition subdisciplines was the category “Design Discipline – Type and Text”. The prizes in this category were awarded on 14 October 2010 by the CCI (Corporate Communication Institute) at the Münster University of Applied Science. CCI’s Director, Dr. Gisela Grosse, was there to present the awards.

Many of the winning business reports in this discipline used fonts from our range. But see for yourself – here are the results:

Best overall business report in the category “Design Discipline – Type and Text”

Fresenius Medical Care Fresenius Medical Care
(Frutiger® Next, house typeface of Fresenius Medical Care)

1. Tex-Dax group

Morphosys 1 Morphosys
(Corporate™ A, Corporate E, Corporate S)

Solarworld 2 Solar World (Compatil® Text, ITC Conduit®)

Dräger 3 Dräger

2. S-Dax group

Dyckerhoff 1 Dyckerhoff
(Compatil Fact, Compatil Letter)

Dräger 2 Kuka

GfK 3 GfK
(Compatil Fact, Compatil Letter, Compatil Exquisit, Compatil Text)

3. M-Dax group

Gildemeister 1 Gildemeister
(Compatil Fact, Compatil Letter, Compatil Text)

Wacker 2 Wacker (Neue Helvetica®)


4. Dax 30 group

Fresenius Medical Care 1 Fresenius Medical Care
(Frutiger® Next)

Linde 2 Linde

ThyssenKrupp 3 ThyssenKrupp

Corporate™ SCorporate™ S

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