Monotype Library OpenType Edition

The latest version of the Monotype Library features 190 new additions plus all of Monotype’s most famed designs. The new Monotype Library offers a uniquely versatile range of fonts to suit every purpose. The 190 new additions include eye-catching display faces such as Smart Sans™, powerful texts faces such as Bembo® Book, Mentor™ and Mosquito™ Formal, the cutting edge Neo® Sans and Neo Tech series and the versatile Felbridge™ family. Classic typefaces include Plantin®, Gill Sans®, Dante® and Rotis® among many other industry standard designs. The CD contains 1,033 OpenType files, which together equal the character sets that would have been found in 1,496 traditional font files.

This product is shipped with a 10 CPU/1 printer license, but is also available with a 20 CPU/2 printer license. A catalog with 132 pages is part of the delivery.
Alternatively, the catalog may be ordered individually for 10 USD/EUR.

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