Font Features

All about Narrow Fonts

One of the main reasons for using Condensed fonts is to save space.
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New, well-equipped calligraphic and ornate fonts

This month, we present calligraphic and ornamental fireworks, with numerous handwritten and ornate fonts.
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The designer Jürgen Weltin and his fonts

Jürgen Weltin has been a passionate type designer for years and a number of his fonts are available from Monotype.
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Notable new arrivals: fresh and distinctive sans serif families and calligraphy fonts.

We picked out some highlights for you from a variety of new arrivals.
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Oscar-Winning Movie Fonts 2014: the Fonts from the Film Posters

The 86th Oscar night is over and the numerous, coveted golden statues have been awarded to the actors, directors and technicians.
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Extraordinary headline fonts:
ten top display fonts

Because of their emphasized position, headlines play a central role in design.
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100 years of Karlgeorg Hoefer: Monotype marks the anniversary with a Fifties Retro Pack

The widely admired and enthusiastic font designer, calligrapher and teacher Karlgeorg Hoefer would have been able to celebrate his 100th birthday this February.
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A review of new releases: animated, well-supported calligraphic fonts and super families for use in corporate design

With our readers in mind, we have again made a selection from the many new fonts that have recently appeared and that we consider to be both exceptional and original.
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Klitschko vs. Illiteracy – an alphabet that fights illiteracy

After dipping his feared fists in blue paint, Wladimir Klitschko, holder of four major heavyweight boxing titles, has punched the 26 letters of the alphabet individually on canvas.
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Rounded fonts are back in vogue
An historical and current review

“It could hardly get much rounder” is the first thought that comes to mind when one considers what is currently to be encountered in cities and on popular internet sites.
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