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The favorite fonts of font designer Mårten Thavenius

Font designer Mårten Thavenius
After completing his B.A. in Philosophy and Asthetics, Mårten Thavenius began working as an interface designer for IBM and later as an independent web consultant and font developer.
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New arrivals July 2015: The True North family with a vintage feel, the perfectly equipped brush font Praise, the tattoo font Keepsake and more

New font arrivals July 2015
True North by Cindy Kinash and Charles Gibbons offers diverse, matching fonts with a vintage feel.
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The Compatil type system – perfect for business reports

Typesetting annual reports always poses a number of challenges for typographers.
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New arrivals June 2015: the elegant Roman Saya Serif, the lively brush-lettered In And Out and other fonts

Lean letters with very fine serifs lend the Antiqua Saya Serif by Joana Correia and Adrien Midzic an elegant look that works in text as well as in display sizes.
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Fonts from the North of Europe: four contemporary designs from Scandinavian designers and attractive introductory offers

The Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe are generally associated with a very functional style of design.
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New arrivals May 2015: the fountain-pen font Auberge Script, the humanist-friendly Adria Grotesk and other fonts

The calligraphic font Auberge Script by Alejandro Paul calls attention to itself with its sweeping curves.
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Oscar-winning Movie Fonts 2015: The typefaces on the movie posters

During the Academy Award ceremony, the spotlight is on the actors, directors and technicians on the red carpet and the stage.
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New arrivals April 2015: the extravagant KG Ways To Say Goodbye, the technically-futuristic Core Mellow and other fonts

Generous and extensive curves and loops determine the personality of the extravagant calligraphic font KG Ways To Say Goodbye by Kimberly Geswein.
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Condensed fonts are the eye-catching stars of contemporary font design

It is not only very bold typefaces that can grab the attention of onlookers – very narrow fonts can have the same effect.
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New arrivals March 2015: the retro brush script Ahkio, the structured sans serif Liszt and other fonts

Derived from signboard scripts of the 1930s, Mika Melvas’ Ahkio is very much in the style of hand-drawn brush fonts.
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