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The most popular new font releases of 2015

The most popular new font releases of 2015
Many of the fonts released in the past year on appear to have struck the chord of the times. They provide what you need to realize your projects professionally.
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New arrivals January 2016: The dynamic sans Lisboa Swash, the sophisticated retro pen font Vanilla Shot, the friendly, balanced Antiqua Capitolina and other fonts

New font arrivals January 2016
Although Lisboa Swash was designed by Ricardo Santos for larger text sizes, the lively and friendly sans serif with its humanist impact cuts a fine figure even in small sizes.
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New arrivals December 2015: The playful geometric cursive Catfish, the beautiful Antiqua Carrig, the dynamic brush font Monday

New font arrivals December 2015
The playful, geometric cursive Catfish by Elena Genova pulls off a clever symbiosis of the cursive font and structured, monolinear letters.
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Antique Olive: a unique and characterful sans serif by Roger Excoffon

Antique Olive
Antique Olive is one of the most famous fonts from French designer Roger Excoffon.
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New arrivals November 2015: The modern, graphical slab serif Choplin, the realistic brush font Botanica, the noble, calligraphic Luxurious and more fonts

New font arrivals November 2015
Choplin by René Bieder is a structured, neutral SlabSerif with a very graphical character.
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Fonts in use: The favorite fonts of typeface designer Felix Bonge

Die Lieblingsschriften des Schriftdesigners Felix Bonge
In a exclusive, Felix Bonge presents his favorite fonts and explains why and how he uses them.
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Typewriter fonts: The special flair for your designs

Typewriter Fonts
The typewriter, the symbol of office communication for many decades, has long since had its day. People still like to simulate that special typographic aesthetic, however.
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New arrivals October 2015: The brush font Larry with its vintage feel, the geometric Melbourne, the stylish and elegant Scorpio and more fonts

New font arrivals October 2015
Vigorous, interconnected letters lend the brush font Larry by Emil Karl Bertell a dynamic character with a vintage feel.
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Geometric Fonts

Take advantage of the modern, technical, futuristic, or even digital appearance of geometric fonts for your designs.
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The three Palatino families by Hermann Zapf

Palatino nova, Palatino Sans, Palatino Sans Informal
Herman Zapf’s Renaissance Antiqua Palatino is based on the fonts of the old masters, which is why it bears the name of Giambattista Palatino.
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