Ale™ font family

Designed by Alessio Leonardi in 1994

About Ale™ font family

The Ale symbol fonts designed by Alessio Leonardi supply a large range of different characters. The two Ale Ornaments" fonts contain a large set of different spirals, which can be used on tapestries, or as placeholders in presentations.

The four separate "Ale Signs" fonts contain a set of daily glyphs, like male and female, smoking and non-smoking, danger, ying and yang, arrows and mathematical signs.

The "Ale Transport" font is a large collection of funny pictures for the various kinds of transportation available over air, land and water. Here you can see Alessio's Italian design joy, which he has presented in many ways. Have fun in discovering the various pictures such as the submarine on the railway, or the airplane with a "Do it again" banner."
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