Linotype´s 1st Arabic Type Design Contest

The prizes were given out in a special Award ceremony in Dubai on April 6. As part of the Kitabat: Arabic Calligraphy and Typography Conference, the evening was attended by speakers and conference delegates and special guests from around Dubai and the Middle East.

The event took place in the Fort Island of Madinat Jumeirah, a fantastic location which offers spectacular views of the Souk area and of Burj Al-Arab. The award winners were escorted onto the island by a group of dancers who performed a special festive dance after which the guest enjoyed a sumptuous meal in a friendly and relaxed outdoor dinner.

Linotype’s Managing Director, Bruno Steinert, presented the winners with special Award Certificates as well as an honorary sum. All winning entries will be produced, registered, and internationally marketed by Linotype GmbH.

The main sponsors for the competition gave out prizes to all the winners. Kamel Gaddas, president of Winsoft gave out the Premium and Standard Middle Eastern versions of Adobe Creative Suite. Taj Alsir Hassan, on behalf of the calligraphy magazine Hurouf Arabiya, gave each winner the full collection of the magazine.

Award Ceremony image 01
The Award ceremony was organized by Linotype to honor the winners of
its first Arabic Type Design Competition, and it was in conjuction with
the Kitabat conference in Dubai

Award Ceremony image 02
A special entrance was organized: a gondola brought the winners to the
Fort Island

Award Ceremony image 03
They were greeted with a special dance performance

Award Ceremony image 04
Linotype’s Managing Director, Bruno Steinert, welcomes the guests

Award Ceremony image 05
2nd place winner in the text category: Yara Namour from
Al-Mohtaraf Assaoudi, Lebanon

Award Ceremony image 06
Winsoft president, Kamel Ghaddas, presents Yara with the Middle
East version of the Adobe Creative Suite Standard

Award Ceremony image 07
Tajelsir Hassan from Hurouf Arabiya presents Yara with the entire
collection of the calligraphy magazine

Award Ceremony image 08
1st place winner in the text category and 2nd place in the
display category: Sultan Maktari, Yemen

Award Ceremony image 09
Winsoft president, Kamel Ghaddas, presents Sultan with the
Middle East version of the Adobe Creative Suite Premiere

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