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Linotype’s association with Arabic type can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century, when it was the first to introduce typecasting machines for creating Arabic metal type; to this day, Linotype specialises in solutions for multilingual typography. Designed by Nadine Chahine and Professor Hermann Zapf, Palatino® Sans Arabic is part of that commitment to international typography. While this new sans maintains classical proportions, its modulation is softer, less pronounced, making for a friendly, approachable, less formal face that looks equally at home in everything from packaging design to books. It’s a contemporary interpretation of the classical Naskh style, and strikes a good balance between the formal and informal.
The large Palatino Sans family has always been a popular choice for typographers and designers. Just the right balance between contemporary and classic, elegant proportions, and carefully crafted letterforms. Now, with the addition of Palatino Sans Arabic, the family feels complete. Whether you’re looking for a compliment to other Arabic typefaces, or you’re just looking for a fresh, modern and legible Arabic type for texts and display, then Palatino Sans Arabic is for you.

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Available is an online brochure on Palatino nova that you can read directly from your screen.

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