Font Designer – Paul Veres

American designer Paul Veres created the fonts Linotype Aperto™ (1996), Banjoman™ (1996) and Caterina™ (2004).

Linotype Aperto is a typical text font in the style of transitional faces, like its often-used cousin Times. It is available in roman, semibold and bold weights, each with its matching italic. The roman weight is complete with old style figures and small caps. Its balanced, reserved appearance makes Aperto extremely flexible, good for long texts as well as headlines.

Most of the basic forms of Banjoman are constructed although some characters, like the a, g, or p, are more freely designed. This font is available in a variety of weights and styles. The bold weights are best for headlines or emphasis in text and the balanced Text styles were designed specifically for running text. Banjoman is an independent yet well-mannered font suitable for a variety of purposes.

Caterina, which has six different styles, is a calligraphic sans serif face. While he was producing the film “The Legend of Suriyothai,” director Francis Ford Coppola personally selected Caterina for use in some of the films subtitles – in this case, they functioned like chapter titles in a book, or silent movie captions. Aside from Hollywood films, Caterina can be used for a wide variety of applications, including wedding invitations, greeting cards, and advertising purposes.
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