Screen Fonts

The text above is set in Linotype Univers™.
Excellent Screen Fonts (XSF-Fonts)
XSF-Fonts are OpenType or TrueType fonts with an excellent appearance on screen at small sizes or low resolutions – especially engineered and optimized as a response of the continuous increasing demand for exceptionally readable typefaces on computer screens using Microsoft® Windows operating systems. Of course the printing quality on paper stays as high as you are used to it.
Click here to see the complete list of XSF-Fonts. Our XSF-Fonts are marked with the addition "eXcellent Screen Font (XSF)".
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This is comparison of XSF-Fonts with fonts that have not been optimized:
An other alternative for perfect onscreen performance are so-called pixel fonts, as their forms perfectly align to the computer screen’s underlying pixel grid. Pixel alphabets are normally designed to be a bit wider than print letters, with more space between them. This aids their legibility. Pixel fonts should usually be set at 8-point sizes, or higher. These fonts work quite well in on screen navigation systems, in flash web sites, and in other on screen text displays. As these fonts exude a particularly contemporary aura, they can be used sparingly in print applications as well. This sort of application is quite trendy among many graphic designers at the moment.
Lomo Wall
Lomo™ Wall

Lomo Font Family contains 37 various font weights. Whether on screen or online, Lomo´s different weights deliver great legibility at low resolutions.
Linotype offers an Lomo Family Value Pack with the five most important weights of the Lomo family.