Script Fonts

The text above is set in Wiesbaden Swing™.
Script fonts are typefaces with a personal touch, like calligraphy and handwriting fonts. They are perfect for invitations, greeting cards, headlines or very short, expressive texts. They range from classic, flowing scripts for elegant designs to light-hearted types with rounded forms for a fresh, peppy look.
Script fonts are especially popular in advertising as a contrast to the neutral fonts used so often today.
Let a few of our personal favorites inspire you!

Note: this page contains just a few of our personal favorite script fonts. Use our keyword search for ’Script’ to find many more script fonts in the Linotype Library.

This is the Linotype Expert Choice:

Excellent Calligraphy | Classic | Casual
Excellent Calligraphy
The graceful flowing forms are what lend calligraphic script fonts their elegance and energy. They are ideal for traditional-looking or refined applications like formal invitations and tasteful letterhead.
Classic script fonts are distinguished by their timeless character and touch of class. Use them for personal or formal occasions like weddings, baptisms and graduations or on menus and place cards.
Casual script fonts have been steadily gaining in popularity. They look as though handwritten, but more like printing or very informal script than traditional calligraphy. Their original, unconventional characters are perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthday, greeting cards or eye-catching headlines. In advertising or on posters, these fonts are just the thing for funky modern products.