Font Designer – Eleisha Pechey

Eleisha Pechy (born 24. 12. 1831 in Bury St. Edmunds, died 1902 in London), who designed typefaces around 1900 for the British type foundry Stephenson Blake, created the initial Windsor™ family. This family of typefaces, which has since been subsequently digitized, is available from Linotype in six different weights: Light, Bold, Ultra Heavy, Extra Bold Condensed, Elongated, and Bold Outline. Typefaces like Windsor were used extensively at the turn of the century in advertising on both sides of the Atlantic. The letterforms have an antiquated feel to them; their proportions seem slightly inspired by the art nouveau movements that were abounding during the time of their conception.
Windsor Extra Bold Condensed and Windsor Elongated are both superb examples of condensed serif display faces. Their ovular forms both appear somewhat egg like. Windsor Ultra Heavy bears similarities to Cooper Black™ , a more modern, American style typeface that was created 20 years later.
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