Van Dijck® font family

Designed by Monotype Design Studio
Christoffel van Dijck
The seventeenth century Dutch old faces have a distinct character of their own, and were the source for eighteenth century English type designs, such as Caslon. Christoffel van Dijck was one of the great Dutch typefounders, although this face, which bears his name, may not have been cut by him, it is nevertheless representative of the best designs from that period. The Van Dijck italic, for which original punches survive, is almost certainly the work of van Dijck. Drawn at Monotype under the supervision of Jan van Krimpen. The Van Dijck font is a graceful typeface, best used for setting books, quality magazines and articles.

Van Dijck®

Van Dijck

Technical details
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Technical font names:
Windows menu name: Van Dijck MT Alt Figs
PostScript name: VanDijckMT-ItalicAlt
PostScript full name: Van Dijck MT Alt Figs Italic
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