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Fonts in Focus:
Pan european: whatever language you need, the language genius Really No 2 makes it possible!
Perfect additions to Trade Gothic: heavy weights, genuine italics, new compressed variants and an optimised, more robust regular weight for setting text.
It would be no surprise to see the versatile and charming Challenger by Manfred Kloppert being used on packaging material and greetings cards.
Quire Sans: a universal, humanist sans serif from Jim Ford.
Web fonts directly from for the uniform design of your corporate texts across the board, from print to internet, and in all digital display forms – available as single fonts or as discounted Value Packs.

Special Offer

Neue Haas Grotesk Selection for only 39 USD/EUR – offer valid to 21 August!

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Licensing options

Licences for use with mobile apps, eBooks and servers now available from

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Designer Interview

Interview with Christian Mengelt, the designer of Mengelt Basel Antiqua.

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