Linotype Paint It™ font family

Designed by Jochen Schuss in 1997
Jochen Schuss designed Linotype Paint It in 1997 with exclusively capital letters and in two weights. The best way to describe the weight Paint It might be to compare it with a labyrinth in which the figures only become clear to the reader dedicated to finding them. The second weight, Paint It black, is almost the solution to this puzzle. The characters are black and stand out strikingly from the background. Linotype Paint It is particularly good for headlines in large point sizes or wherever a text should display a playful character.

Linotype Paint It™

Linotype Paint It

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: Paint It LT, PaintItLTReg, PaintItLTReg.afm
PostScript name: PaintItLT-Regular
PostScript full name: Paint It LT Regular
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US$ 35
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