The Language Whiz – Helvetica Linotype

Corporate design across the global market requires a universal typographic identity. The prize-winning Helvetica® Linotype is the latest revision to our world famous Helvetica typeface. Offering support for important linguistic groups, such as Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, and Vietnamese, Helvetica Linotype allows worldwide usability within a single font! The powerful Unicode technology behind the fonts’ OpenType format makes Helvetica Linotype the only standard font to include such a broad range of supported languages.

Helvetica Linotype supports the following Microsoft Code Pages:
1252 Latin 1, 1250 Latin 2 Eastern, 1251 Cyrillic, 1253 Greek, 1254 Turk, 1255 Hebrew, 1256 Arabic, 1257 Windows Baltic, 1258 Windows Vietnamese, as well as a mixture of box drawing element glyphs and mathematical symbols & operators.
In total, each of the four Helvetica Linotype font styles (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic) contains 1866 different glyph characters!

more ... Helvetica now speaks Hebrew!

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