Monotype Janson® font family

Designed by Robin Nicholas
Patricia Saunders
Nicholas Kis in 1650-1702
The Monotype Janson font family is based on types originally cut by the Hungarian punch-cutter, Nicolas Kis circa 1690. Named after Anton Janson, a Dutch printer. The original matrices came into the hands of the Stempel foundry in Germany in 1919. New type was cast and proofs made; these were used as the source for Monotype's version of Janson. The original hand cut Janson types have a number of small design irregularities which give the typeface its unique charm. These have been carefully incorporated into the new version. The overall effect is of even color and an easy readability that makes Monotype Janson most at home in book and publishing work.

Monotype Janson®

Monotype Janson

Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: jny_____.ttf
Windows menu name: Janson Expert MT
PostScript name: JansonExpertMT-Regular
PostScript full name: Janson Expert MT Regular
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US$ 35
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