Bickley™ Script font family

Designed by Alan Meeks in 1986
Martin Wait in 1994
Nick Cooke in 1998
Robert Evans in 1991
Phill Grimshaw in 1994

About Bickley™ Script font family

Bickley Script was designed by Alan Meeks in 1986 and is based on the handwriting forms popular at the end of the 19th century. The flowery capitals contrast beautifully with the delicate and reserved lower case letters, fit perfectly together and enhance the handwritten character of the font. Bickley Script looks as though it were written with a fine tipped pen and has an elegant, nostalgic charm. The font is best for headlines as well as short to middle length texts and should be set in point sizes of 14 or larger, and Bickley Script's capitals can also be used as initials with other alphabets.
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Bickley Script

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Bickley™ Script
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