Jeunesse™ Slab font family

Designed by Johannes Birkenbach

About Jeunesse™ Slab font family

The design of the Jeunesse font family derives from a study of primers which the designer undertook earlier in his career. Jeunesse was designed with the intention of combining excellent legibility and character recognition with the ability to create compact, distinctive words and lines while maintaining basic flourishless letterforms. The sans serif style is pre-dominant in this design, but serifs or rather parts have been added where necessary, mostly at the top left hand parts of the characters, to aid readability. Use Jeunesse as a text and display face. There are also fully sans serif and slab serif versions available which can be used on their own or mixed with each other and the parent fonts.
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Font Designer: Johannes Birkenbach

Jeunesse Slab

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Jeunesse™ Slab Regular
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Jeunesse™ Slab Italic
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