Font Designer – Helmut Ness

The German designers Helmut Ness and Markus Remscheid created the font Linotype Russisch Brot™ in 1997. Linotype Russisch Brot is part of the Take Type Library, chosen from contestants of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contests of 1994 and 1997. The inspiration of the two designers is not hard to see for those who are familiar with the chocolate cookies in the form of letters which are called Russisches Brot. The font is available in six weights. The basic weight is perfectly legible and is good for both headlines and shorter texts and from there the weights become more and more nibbled away, leaving the basic form of the characters and a few crumbs.

2002 Helmut Ness and Werner Schneider created the font Vialog®, a font which sets new standards for a good legibility.
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