Font Designer – Edward Benguiat

Ed (Ephram Edward) Benguiat, born 27. 10. 1927 in New York, USA, type designer, calligrapher. Studied at Columbia University, New York and the Workshop School of Advertising Art, New York.

1953: associate director of "Esquire" magazine. Opens his own design studio in New York. 1962: joins Photo-Lettering Inc. as typographic design director, a position he still holds today. 1970: joins the International Typeface Corporation and is made vice-president; he works on the in-house magazine "U&lc" with Herb Lubalin. Member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. He has produced logotypes for the "New York Times", "Playboy", "Reader`s Digest", "Sports Illustrated", "Esquire" and "Look". He has taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York since 1961.

Fonts: Souvenir® (1970), Avant Garde Gothic® (1974), Korinna® (with Victor Caruso, 1974), Tiffany® (1974), Bauhaus® (with Victor Caruso, 1975), Bookman® (1975),
Benguiat® (1977/79), Barcelona® (1981), Modern 216® (1982), Caslon 224® (1983), Panache® (1988), Century Handtooled™ (1992), Cheltenham Handtooled® (1992), Garamond Handtooled® (1992), Edwardian Script (1994).

* TYPOGRAPHY - An Encyclopedic Survey of Type Design and Techniques Throughout History by Friedrich Friedl, Nicolaus Ott (Editor), Bernard Stein, published by Känemann Verlagsgesellschaft mbH.

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