ITC Biblon® font family

Designed by Frantisek Storm in 2000

Frantisek Storm

The Czech designer Frantisek Storm (born 1966 in Prague) created the fonts ITC Biblon® (2000), ITC Malstock™ (1996) and ITC Tyfa™ (1998, with Josef Tyfa).
The idea for ITC Malstock is based on a sign painting technique that uses a flat brush and a Maalstok, a long bar with soft padding which is used as a rest for the painter’s hand and a guide for vertical lines. The strokes of this font end with a split stem which recalls the traces of the writer’s brush. ITC Malstock is a narrow typeface which is ideal for headlines, invitations and advertisements. The designer recommends combining his typeface with others, to create harmony with sans serif typefaces in text sizes or contrast with serif typefaces.
The original metal face of ITC Tyfa was inspired by the work of architect P.L. Nervi. "In the past, type design was primarily based on the esthetic values of the faces. Mine were inspired by the forms of modern architecture," says Tyfa. Storm began digitizing the typeface under Tyfa’s direction and feels the design shows "a little touch of baroque typography." While it is possible to see the influences of older Czech designers, ITC Tyfa is a unique typeface with a distinctive character all its own.

ITC Biblon®

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