Ehrhardt® font family

Designed by Monotype Design Studio in 1937
The Ehrhardt name indicates that this typeface is derived from the roman and italic typefaces of stout Dutch character that the Ehrhardt foundry in Leipzig showed in a late-seventeenth-century specimen book. The designer is unknown, although some historians believe it was the Hungarian Nicholas Kis. Monotype recut the typeface for modern publishers in 1937 to 1938. Ehrhardt has a clean regularity and smooth finish that promote readability, as well as a slight degree of condensation, especially in the italic, that conserves space. Ehrhardt is a fine text face, especially for books.



Technical details
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File name: ehy_____.ttf
Windows menu name: Ehrhardt Exp MT
PostScript name: EhrhardtExpMT
PostScript full name: Ehrhardt Exp MT
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