Briem Akademi font family

Designed by Gunnlaugur SE Briem
The typeface Briem Akademi began as an exercise in a course of type design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. It was later extended by the tutor, Gunnlaugur S.F. Briem, and reflects his interest in modules on a grid. Briem used a single curve for most of the characters and, where possible, the same slant for all diagonals. In some letters, the X for example, the modules needed shallower curves. A few, such as Z, demanded diagonals of their own. The normal width is highly legible, even in small sizes. The condensed version is ideal for display applications. The most compressed version works best where legibility is less important than dramatic visual effect. Use darker weights for use at display sizes or for distinctive headlines.

Briem Akademi Bold Condensed Oblique

Briem Akademi

Technical details
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Windows menu name: Briem Akademi Cond
PostScript name: BriemAkademi-CondBoldObl
PostScript full name: BriemAkademi-CondBoldObl
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