Vega™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1994
For Vega antikva, too, 16th and 17th century typefaces stood models. I made a free interpretation of them, with a nice result, if I am allowed to express myself. Vega antikva makes a beautiful impression in books, but even as a web typeface it behaves well.
The name Vega can be traced down to a constellation, a mathematician, a writer, a movie character, or a research ship, as you like. Now there is a typeface with that name, too.
Vega antikva was released in 1994.

Vega Italic


Technical details
Digital data from:
Technical font names:
File name: VegaAntikva, VegaAntIta, VegaAntIta.afm
Windows menu name: Vegaantikva
PostScript name: VegaAntikva-Italic
PostScript full name: VegaAntikva Italic
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US$ 35
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