Res Publica™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1992
Res Publica is a workhorse. It is quite anonymous as typeface, without any distinctive marks. But it gives a harmonious text body, well suited for large amounts of text, such as official public reports, magazines based mainly on text, school books, and so on.
The public" concept is part of the name. Res Publica is Latin for "public matters". The word republic has the same origin.
Res Publica was released in 1992."

Res Publica Bold

Res Publica

Technical details
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Technical font names:
File name: ResPubBol, ResPubBol.afm, ResPublica
Windows menu name: ResPublica
PostScript name: ResPublica-Bold
PostScript full name: ResPublica Bold
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