Ragnar™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1993
Ragnar can be called a typeface for compact typography. It is loosely related to the Saga typeface in many ways, even including its name. During discussing on what Saga should be called, the name Ragnarök" (Gottendammerung) was humorously suggested. "Ragnarök" would of course have been unsuitable, since it uses a letter with a diacritic sign, and in many computer systems, that is a deadly sin. But the shorter form, Ragnar, was kept in mind, and later used for this typeface. Additionally, Ragnar is a common male Scandinavian name."

Ragnar Roman


Technical details
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File name: Ragna, Ragna.afm, Ragnar
Windows menu name: Ragnar
PostScript name: Ragnar
PostScript full name: Ragnar
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