Nyfors™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1995
Nyfors was a sudden idea. I noticed an ad in a magazine, with some handtexted words. I don't recall what the ad was about, neither the words. When I later on tried to remember how the single characters looked like and began to draw them, the result wasn't bad at all. I am not longer sure that they resemble the characters in the ad, but it doesn't matter. Nyfors is a nice handtexted typeface, whatever its origin.
There is a small stream in Tyresö where I live and work, called Nyfors. During some centuries there was a center of small scale industries along it, and they used its water to run their machinery. The typeface has its name from that stream.
Nyfors was released in 1995.

Nyfors Regular


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File name: Nyfor, Nyfor.afm, Nyfors
PostScript name: Nyfors
PostScript full name: Nyfors
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