Miramar™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1993
Miramar font has elegance in every detail, which means that it isn't very easy to use. I like it very much, but would use it myself on rare occurencies, for very special tasks and even then in small portions.
The name refers to the castle of Miramar just north of Trieste on the Adriatic coast, once the weekend resort of the Austrian imperial family. Now it is a museum with a marvellous park.
Miramar was released in 1993.

Miramar Roman SC


Technical details
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File name: Miramar SC, Miramar SmallCaps.afm, MiramSmaCap
PostScript name: MiramarSmallCaps
PostScript full name: MiramarSmallCaps
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US$ 35
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