Kis Classico™ font family

Designed by Franko Luin in 1993
Nicholas Kis in 1650-1702
Kis Classico™ is named after the Hungarian monk Miklós Kis who traveled to Amsterdam at the end of the seventeenth century to learn the art of printing. Amsterdam was a center of printing and punchcutting, and Kis cut his own type there in about 1685. For centuries, Kis's type was wrongly attributed to Anton Janson, a Dutch punchcutter who worked in Leipzig in the seventeenth century. Most versions of this type still go by the name Janson. In 1993, the Italian/Swedish type designer Franko Luin completed Kis Classico, his own contemporary interpretation of the Kis types. About the Kis/Janson story, Luin says: If you understand Hungarian I recommend you read the monograph, 'Tótfalusi Kis Miklós' by György Haiman, published in 1972 by Magyar Helikon. It has hundreds of reproductions from his Amsterdam period and from the time when he was an established printer in Kolozsvár (today's Cluj in Romania)." Kis Classico has five weights, and is an admirable version of this classic type."

Kis Classico Bold Italic

Kis Classico

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